"Kami and the Child", is an empowerment book, meant both for youth and adults, through which we learn how to connect the inner forces within our souls that exist for us all the time, how to turn any pain or insecurity into power and tranquility and how to strengthen by connecting ourselves internally. The techniques found in the book are also intended for young and mature youth, as well as for adults.
“As you know,” began the group’s speaker, “you will need to guide the human being from here, the spiritual dimension. Only a small part of your energy could enter him, but it will be enough for you to reside within him.” 
“If only a small part of me, my energy, would enter him, how would I be able to manage him?” asked Kami.
“This will be your most important lesson," smiled the speaker, “how to make a human being listen to you, how to prevent him from ignoring your wishes.” 
“And what if his wishes do not correspond to mine?” persisted Kami.

Kami, a young spirit, only millions of years old, enters a body of a child and starts through him her incarnation on earth.
In order to fulfill all her desires and her mission, she must make the child listen to her and connect with her. She needs his cooperation in order to accomplish her mission on earth, she depends on him!
But that mission is not as simple as it sounds: Like most human beings, the child too hears mainly his distressing thoughts, and like them, he too feels lonely and separated from his spirit. 
In the course of Kami’s attempts to overcome the many obstacles in her way, both she and the child develop and learn, each, their own lessons.
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